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- I am Tamás Paulovicz, cast stone artisan. Since 1998 my company work on cast stone designing and repairing facade, of buildings.

My company is located in Pilis, P.O.box 2721, Bocskai st. 57, witch is about 45Km North from Budapest, near mainroad 4. Contacts: handy(+3630-9900-281), fax(0629 496-571) or @mail.

Our activities mainly are restauration of buildings frontage, and decoration with prefabricated stones, or if it's need on the spot. On building works we use and manufacture rich assortment of baluster fences, different sizes, highness and styles. We are specialised in restauration of old buildings, including fences and scales and folding old pillar, with articial stone, in differnt colours an sizes. We can change curtain covers, shelves, scale parts, pool borders of granite, marble or freestone.

Every year we participate on Konstruma in Budapest Fair Center. Our goal is to show for our costumers our developing company, and to move the quality of work in higher rates, wich are developed by us.

Thanks for visiting our homepage and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact with us.

LaVick Design